By Robert Grabosch, Attorney at law

The International Court of Justice has just read out its preliminary decision on the Costa Rica v Nicaragua border dispute. The court decided that both Nicaragua and Costa Rica must for now abandon the disputed Isla Calero, in particular Nicaragua must withdraw its civilian, security and military personnel on the island. In addition, the majority held that Costa Rica may send non-military personnel on the island, but only as necessary in order to safeguard the natural environment from damage.1

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Costa Rica has instituted proceedings before the ICJ against Nicaragua claiming violations of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

On 18 November 2010, the Republic of Costa Rica instituted proceedings against the Republic of Nicaragua before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague in the so-called ‘Isla Calero dispute’. The proceedings concern an alleged “incursion into, occupation of and use by Nicaragua’s Army of Costa Rican territory as well as breaches of Nicaragua’s obligations towards Costa Rica” under a number of international treaties and conventions.

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