International Law Blog seeks motivated bloggers!

June 6, 2011

The International Law Notepad will soon be a year-old, and needs to keep growing up!

Since its creation in August 2010, the International Law Notepad has published 47 posts in relation to international law matters, divided into 11 categories and refering to 53 tags! And guess what… we want more!

Since its creation in August 2010, the blog has been fed (with quality articles of course) by seven passionate bloggers involved in international  law as young or confirmed academics as well as by young practitioners and diplomats living in europe, Africa and Australia… and guess what… we want more!

If you are an international law or European law addict and if you like writting on these topics, why don’t you think about doing it with us?

We are looking for qualified lawyers or academics of all experiences, involved in various areas of international and european law such as:

  • armed conflicts
  • international criminal law
  • human rights, CSR
  • environmental law
  • investment law
  • european law
  • etc, any idea is welcome really

By the way, we have only been writting in English so far, but if you’re fluent in French or Spannish, we’re interested as well!

Now, if you’re thinking that you might correspond, please contact us by filling-in the blanks here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Best wishes

The ILN team


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